Hello, I am Nhung Le.


I’m a UX Designer with a background in Biology and Pharmacy. I offer a lot of skills in data analyzing, communicating with different kinds of employers and customers. I have a passion for user testing, prototyping, and beautiful user interface. Throughout my professional career development, I have gained a lot of experiences in problem-solving, customer service, organization, and flexibility. Now, I’m looking forward to enhance the same set of skills to designing different projects that have positive impacts on human’s lives and society. Moreover, I want to be in team that build digital products that are user-friendly, accessible, and innovative and put the users in every aspect of design.

In my free time, I like exploring different local coffee and tea shops, taking photos of beautiful scenes in Seatle area. I love doing yoga and incoporate mindfulness practices into every day life. I also spent  a lot of my time reading books and practicing sketching for the visual designs.

Below are a few sketches that I am participating in building out the visual library in 100 days challenge .


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